Infinitude Antipodale (2015)
A theoretical/practical project constituted of these three parts:

Infinite Algorithms (Melbourne, AU) – Collaboration with the trans-disciplinary and Melbourne-based artist Renae Shadler, a 3-month artistic exchange online culminating in 1-week of intensive studio-practice in Melbourne and in a 30 minutes public showing followed by an artist-talk at Sylvia Staehli Theatre, DanceHouse, on February 3rd 2015.

An Aesthetic of Infinitude : A feminine movement artist’s perspective regarding post-pornography (Sydney, AU) – Paper presented on the panel Sneaking up on the Thing-Itself: Practical Approaches to Infinitude, Aesthetics After Finitude Conference ///\\\ Exhibition, UNSW, February 5th 2015.

Solos Post-Porn (Singapour, SIN) – Collaboration with the dance artist Kai Eng, a 1-week feminist research resulting in a Lecture-performance without any sexual act, presented at The Substation, A Home for the Arts, on February 14th 2015.