Geneviève has/will always dance/d and fundamentally identifies herself to creative practice as self-authored movement research. Born and living in Montreal, she invests herself as a choreographer/dancer, mostly creating but also dancing for other artists as well as mostly dancing but also creating for herself.

Her non-conventional educational pathway mostly relies on two dance programs. First, she is honoured and graduated from LADMMI, the current École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (2003). Then, admitted by relevant experience at the Dance Master program at UQÀM (2010), in creation/interpretation, she is currently questioning the notion of dance signature by a sexologic reflection on dance focusing on infinitude as lived as a feminine extremely opening movement practice.

Her trans-disciplinary tendency brings her to create in collaboration with artists coming from a wide range of various fields and to register her individual enterprise as Geneviève – Artiste du mouvement (2010). In particular, she is the recipient of an academic excellence grant (Montreal, 2002); she is twice sponsored by Danse-Cité (Montreal, 2003/04-2008/10); she is given a three months residency in a semi-anechoic chamber (Montreal, 2009); she performs as a soloist creative dancer in an athletic closing ceremony for a public coming from 169 different countries (Moncton, 2010); and she is a university international mobility grant recipient for a three months residency to create her virtual choreographic signature at Performing Arts Forum (France, 2012).

In parallel with her current studies, Geneviève continues to model for visual artists and to open herself to new artistic experiences. She is deeply thankful and honoured by her firsts international collaborations with the performance artist Renae Shadler (Melbourne, 2015) and the dance artist Kai Eng (Singapore, 2015) met at Performing Arts Forum, and to have been part of the Aesthetics After Finitude Conference ///\\\ Exhibition (Sydney, 2015) as her first panel experience ever.