Born in Montreal, Geneviève has and will always dance. Her non-conventional educational pathway mostly relies on two dance programs : first, she is graduated in interpretation from LADMMI, the current École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (2003), and then in creation from the Dance Master program at UQÀM (2018). As a choreographer and dancer, she fundamentally identifies herself as a movement artist specialized in the creative practice of self-authored movement research. She recognizes her own posture as meta-artistic, interdisciplinary and feminist. The development of her work is supported and rewarded : academic excellence during her interpretation’s studies, support to research during her master, and support to creation as a professional artist. She dances and choreographs for a lot of emerging artists; she dances for theater, television and around thirty dancers present her choreographic pieces. These ones are presented at Monument-National, in a dress-room at Place des Arts, in an an-echoic room, at La Rotonde, at Festival Vue sur la Relève and Festival OFF d’Avignon. Otherwise, her interdisciplinary tendency brings her to undertake, at l’UQÀT, a certificate in Creation and new medias (2019). As a panelist, she first approaches infinitude’s practice in Sydney, Australia (2015), and her contribution is qualified as highly feminist. Her first appearance as a panelist in Montreal (2018) is at a round-table on the place of women in the artistic industry. Finally, in a sense of continuity with her master’s exploration, she creates her recent piece POSTX, rooting herself in her most important dance experiences, in Montreal, but also in France (Performing Arts Forum, 2012; Festival OFF d’Avignon, 2018), in Singapore (Substation A Home for the Arts, 2015) and in Australia (Dancehouse, 2015).